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       According to a recent survey in The Times newspaper, a staggering 89% of all golf products sold on the internet are fake!  When you choose to buy from a local golf retailer you do so in the knowledge that we are an official golf retailer of all major golfing brands, and unlike most fake websites we won't be disappearing in a fortnight!

    Our PGA qualified Head Professional, Gethin Collins has an outstanding reputation for providing first class tuition to iron out any problems in your game. Gethin can truly be described as a ‘Fairwood’ man through and through, having learnt to play the game here as a Junior and then going on to complete his PGA training in the Pro Shop under the tutelage of former Head Pro, Mark Evans, and is able to offer a unique insight into a player’s game by providing camera analysis tuition on all areas of the game. It’s often when players graphically see the errors in their game with their own eyes on a TV screen that they are then able to make a conscious effort to rectify those flaws, shaving strokes off their game in the process.

    Upon graduating from the PGA in 1998, Gethin spent several years playing full time competitive golf on the West Region and Master Card tour, then 5 years as Head Professional at Garnant Park Golf club before eventually returning to South Wales to take on the role of Head Professional at his ‘home club’.


    When it comes to golfing retail items, you don’t have to spend hours searching for something on line and you won’t have to take any of the risks associated with buying a product over the internet. Our Pro Shop has a fully stocked range of fashion apparel, shoes, equipment and accessories for you to choose from.

    If you would like to talk to Gethin about any aspect of golf tuition, club fitting or simply want further information on any golf equipment, contact direct now on :-

Phone - 01792 299194

Email -

Twitter - @gethincollins

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