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Ball Flight is King! Sting it like Tiger.

Published on 20/07/2012

With the Open Championship taking place this weekend I'm going to take a look at the importance of good ball flight control. Links golf courses are notoriously open windswept courses that can play havoc with the golf ball. If conditions are calm then expect some low scores, but if the wind picks up you will see the pro’s playing knockdown shots to keep the ball under the wind as much as possible. Here’s how to play it:
Overview – The idea is to launch the ball low with less backspin than normal (backspin helps the ball to climb). The setup is crucial.
1.       Position the ball further back in the stance than normal – this helping to deloft the club.
2.       Keep your hands in line with your left thigh.
3.       Take more club than necessary – this will be determined by how strong the wind is (i.e. you could be playing a 7 iron instead of 9 iron). The lower loft helps keep the launch down and allows you to swing easier through the ball, reducing the backspin further.
4.       Take a ¾ swing as it will help you to swing in a more controlled manner.
5.       Ensure on impact your hands are ahead of the ball to help keep the loft down.
Potential Pitfalls
Many players get the correct setup, swing the club back and then cast/release their wrists early and keep their weight on the right leg. This double combination adds loft again and the shot will balloon up in the air.     





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