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How to hit it 20 yards further

Published on 13/04/2012

     What a great Masters to kick start the season. Some great golf, I felt so sorry for Lee Westward who was head and shoulders above the rest for his long game, but couldn’t buy a putt.
     Bubba Watson certainly does bomb his tee shots, a little unorthodox in design, but nevertheless he sends it out there. Get the ball an extra 20 yards off the tee and it can make scoring a lot easier. A common pitfall by the average club golfer is poor set up, but all is not lost, read on and learn how to improve it and get extra yardage off the tee.

Common Mistake:
Setting up to your driver like you would for an iron shot

The angle your driver approaches the ball is critical to long drives. Most club players come down too steeply onto the ball creating additional backspin and reducing the distance the ball will travel. To get a long drive off the tee we want a shallow angle onto the ball creating a low spin rate and to help get the optimal launch.

     Below is our First Team Captain and golf fanatic, Simon Hardman. He is demonstrating what a lot of players do in the set up, by not having any tilt in the spine or even worse tilting the wrong way it encourages this steep angle onto the ball losing distance.


     You need to tilt away from the target as demonstrated by Simon and Bubba Watson (for the Left handers). Keep this spine angle throughout the backswing and as you swing into the ball to get the optimal launch and the extra yardage.

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