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Time for an Amnesty on your fashion crimes...

Published on 04/11/2011

We know what you’ve been doing – and up until now it’s remarkable that you’ve actually been getting away with it. It’s now time for an amnesty on your crimes.....




We know you’ve been wearing the same pair of golf shoes for the past 6 years - the ones that now let so much water in you’ve resorted to wrapping plastic bags around your feet to keep them dry! 

And as for that sorry excuse of a ‘glove’ you’ve been abusing for the past 4 years, well let’s not even go there. We’ve seen more grip on an ice rink.

But we also understand the deep feelings of shame and guilt that inevitably arise from committing such fashion crimes out on the golf course. So here’s what we’re prepared to do... 


From now until Christmas we'll give you an amnesty on all of those offensive items that you've been wearing.

Hand them in at the Pro Shop right now, no questions asked, and we’ll give you up to £15 off a new pair of shoes, and/or up to £4 off the price of a new glove.

Call NOW on 01792 299194.  Your anonymity will be guaranteed!
Titleist Pro V1 / Pro V1x ball promotion
Over the next few weeks we’re doing a promotion on the number one ball in golf until stocks last. Buy a dozen Pro V1 or Pro V1X balls and we’ll give you an extra sleeve of them absolutely free of charge.

CAUTION – please note that we cannot guarantee the safety of your new Pro V1s if you use them off our 11th and 16th tees!

Call NOW on 01792 29789 while the last few balls are in stock.

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