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December 09

Published on 22/12/2009

Winter League Christmas Party and Raffles
Hello again everyone and welcome to my last blog of the decade!  Last Sunday saw the return of the annual Winter League karaoke Christmas party, and this year’s vintage proved to be another resounding success. The festivities got under way with some rousing renditions of classic numbers, the best of which was undoubtedly my own version of The Waterboys!
Another standout performance came from Max Leavett, Fairwood Park’s newly appointed ‘King of Crooner Cool’!
Well done to everyone who took part for being such good sports. During last Sunday’s party my own Proshop Christmas Raffle also took place. May I take this opportunity to thank everybody who bought tickets - it was very much appreciated, and all revenues from the raffle were paid out in prizes. The day’s the top prize eventually went to Byron Edwards, who won a Professionally Fitted set of Tom Wishon golf irons, the worlds leading Club Designers and Club Fitters. More information on TWGT can be viewed on their website
Nick Higgins was also the lucky winner of the Management’s bumper Christmas hamper, with enough wine and spirits to see himself through well into next Christmas!


He's old, he's grey, he runs the R+A, Bertie Grove, Bertie Grove !!!

Thursday 10th December saw the annual Thursday League Christmas Competition played by 61 members, in nothing short of fabulous conditions for the time of year. This event signalled the starting point for the 2009/2010 Order of Merit Table, and racing out of the blocks were current Club Champion Mark Hinder and Craig 'Mushy' Thorburn. Playing in the same group with Phil Maunder and myself, Mark and Mushy both returned scores of 40 points, with Mark edging the honour from Mushy on the countback. Mushy and I did just edge the match by 3+1, putting us 2-1 up in our head to head series of matches!


The Order of Merit is played for over 52 weeks of the year, and it really does take a consistent performer to come out on top. This year the winner by some margin, was the Thursday League spokesman himself, Bert Grove. The 5 handicapper was handed the winning trophy, and smiled proudly through several versions of his now much sung theme tune.  All jolly good fun!

Winter Wheels for Electric Golf Trolleys 

At last! Products that actually work with electric golf trolleys! No longer is it the case for a trolley ban, either for manual or for pull trolleys. Owners of certain brands of electric golf trolley can now simply replace their normal 'Summer Wheels' for the new 'Winter Wheels' and be able to use their electric trolley all year round- except for when the course is closed!
Dozens of members have to date been very happy with the new inventions. Nick Higgins, a Powakaddy owner said recently, ' For £60, you just can't go wrong. Even if you only got 5 years use out of them, thats just £12 a year to be able to use your electric trolley all year round on a parkland course. Bargain!'  Former Lady Captain, Sonia Brand further enhanced the wheels, 'Brilliant! Perfect for Paul's (hubby) Christmas present too! No damage to the course at all and wonderfully light.  First Class!'
Currently the winter wheels are available for Powakaddy Models manufactured since 2000 , Motokaddy and most Hill Billy trolleys too. The winter wheels by the by the Hedgehog Golf Company which fit all 3 aforementioned brands retail at £49.99 and the winter wheels manufactured by Powakaddy are retailing at a special introductory price of £59.99. This price will be held until 31st December 2009. 


And finally...

Finally, myself and Jon would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas with best wishes for all your golfing success in 2010. 


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