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November 09

Published on 13/11/2009

The Mens Winter League is now in up and running at Fairwood Park, one of the Club's most popular competitions.

The first round of matches in Week 1 proved to be very interesting with my tip as 'dark horses' for this year, Steve Owens + Dafydd Morris defeating last years Champions by a handsome margin! 'Cheers'off-licencee Dafydd  and super sub Phil Williamson made light work of Steve James and the mis-guided Cardiff City supporting Hugh Quick 5+4!!!
My personal campaign got underway very surprisingly too - in so much that playing partner Graig 'Mushy' Thorburn turned up on time AND sober!!
Opponent on the day Martyn 'Sarge' Griffiths commented that if I could get him to play like that every match we'd have another good run this year. I fear that Mushy's impeccable discipline that weekend will however not last too long!

Sousa turns on the style at Fairwood Park

Every so often John and I welcome some famous sporting guests to the Club but none more popular currently that the new Swansea City manager, Paolo Sousa. 


I gave him some tips on how to beat our arch rivals  in the forthcoming local derby match, Mr Sousa went on his merry way and thoroughly enjoyed his experience on the course.  Rumour has it that he won 3 & 2!!!

The former double Champions League winner with Juventus and Dortmund is a keen golfer, however due to his football commitments plays only 1 month a year during the close season. We chatted briefly about our times in Germany, as I remember him coming with his '97 winning team to  Golf Club + Hotel Wiesensee, which is where I was coaching at over a decade ago.
I mentioned to him that I had spent quite a lot of time with former legendary German goalkeeper Tony Schumacher and his then protege Stefan Klos on the driving range improving their golfing technique!  Mr.Sousa actually remembers staying at the Wiesensee Complex and seems to think that was where he hit his very 1st golf ball- small world eh?
Schumacher, Klos, The Parky and Me!
One such time when the Dortmund squad were staying over, myself and 3 other of my golfing colleagues somehow persuaded the famous goalkeeping duo to have a kick about on the local football field. After a bit of shooting practice we decided to have a game of 3-a-side! First to score 20 goals being the winner I had Stefan Klos on my side and as you can imagine, he didnt want to play in goal!
With the scores tied at 18 goals each suddenly from nowhere, screaming hysterically at us to get off his pitch was the Parky! You should have seen his starstruck face as we walked sheepishly past him to the exit gates, pointing his finger in awe and whispering to himself the names of his famous heros- Classic moment for me and one never to be forgotten! 
Proshop Christmas Raffle
Its that time of year again folks and this year I have a fantastic 1st Prize up for grabs.  This years lucky draw winner will be treated to a Professionally Fitted set of irons - the set make up being Custom Fitted exactly to the individuals needs. To help in this process of Professional Fitting, we will be lucky to use the knowledge of Mr.Tom Wishon of Tom Wishon Golf Technology, widely renowned as the world's leading Equipment Designer and Club Fitter.
Information of Tom Wishon's expertise in this field of golf can be viewed at their web site :-
Ticket prices for the raffle remained unchanged from last year at:-
1 Ticket £2.50
3 Tickets £5.00
7 Tickets £10.00
The draw is scheduled to be held on Sunday 20th December in the Clubhouse, where there will also be many runers up prizes! 

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